domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Canciones de domingo

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside - I Swear

El debut discográfico de Sallie Ford fue uno de mis discos favoritos del año pasado.
Una banda que suena actual pero con un sonido clásico de los cincuenta (mezcla de rockabilly, swing...) y una voz que al principio te sorprende y luego te encanta. Confirmada para el Azkena de este Junio.

When I turn on the radio
It all sounds the same
What have these people done to music
They just don't care anymore
Well, I swear I'll always say the wrong thing
Even if they never play my music on the radio
Cause I can't help but be a mess
I'll never be like the rest
I couldn't, even if I tried

What is this robot sounding bullshit
They just don't care anymore
Why don't we get rid of all of the people
And we can sell our souls to the man

Go ahead and tell them that you heard me on the dirty radio

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